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Foreign Language(English)

Duration: 3 Years

According to World Bank, Indonesian labor competitiveness is far left behind compared to Singapore, Philippine, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It is mostly because of inability in speaking English.
Saint Mary’s College Developed Bilingual Education programs specially to enhance the skills of the student community and prepared them for global competence. Bilingual education is the process of teaching students using two languages. The main aspects of the programs are as follows:

  • Students are taught in their native language for a period of time, while simultaneously they are learning a new language. This way, students improve literacy in their first language, which makes it possible for them to later apply this knowledge to the English language instruction they’re receiving.
  • Educators/Lecturers usually teach students in their native language (Bahasa Indonesia) in conjunction with a second language (English) utilizing differing levels of the native and second language depending on the requirements specified in lesson plans and teaching models.
  • Students enrolled in these programs are not taught non-language related subjects in their native language. They will continue to be taught these subjects in a second language. This way, students will only receive grammar and language instruction in their native language, so it can be later applied to their foreign language instruction.
  • Students continue to take literacy and language improvement classes in their native language since it has been proven that skills learned in these classes can be applied to classes where students receive instruction in a second language.

Job Opportunity & Career Path:

  • Secretarial & Personal Assistant
  • Purchasing, Supply Management and Logistics.
  • Graphics & Multimedia
  • Working in the field of English Journalism and also can work as a certified English language Teacher and English Lecturer in reputable Institutes.


  • Indonesia Citizen
  • 3 GCE “O” level credits, or
  • 5 GCE “N” level passes, or
  • High School equivalent minimum year 10


  • The minimum age requirement is 16-years of age.