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Why Saint Mary’s College?

Fast Track Program

At SMC the quality is our main focus. SMC Program and Curriculum, are specifically designed to help students acquire the modern day and up to date knowledge based learning and skills through their choice of study subjects and enable them to get started their professional work even before their graduation.

Job Opportunities

SMC Programs are designed in conjunction with the fast growing of several Industries and high demand on Professional Employee and Staff for Hotel & Culinary, MICE & Airlines, Logistics, Purchasing & Supply Management and Secretary & PA.

Competence & Professionalism

We develop “competence & professionalism”. We are not just a degree-awarding Institute. We provides a unique professional development courses for our students, which adds value to their respective degrees with full range of professional discipline, conceptual understanding and practical application of knowledge, which increases competence that makes SMC’s graduates standout among others and helps graduates to secure jobs after completion of their graduation.

Soft Skill

Soft Skills are the most powerful tool in accelerating people professional careers. It is proven that in many cases Indonesian graduates career are stagnant, can’t compete with other countries graduates due to lack of their soft skills.
At SMC, we teach our students not only the hard skills, but also equipped them with specific soft skills related to their future career plans i.e. Ethics, Attitude, Communication Skill, Presentation Skill, Time Management, Problem Solving, Team Work, Self Confidence, Ability to Accept and Learn from Criticism, Adaptability and Working Well Under Pressure.


Our program is taught by very experience Local and International faculty. Our faculty members are local and international Masters degree holders (USA, Australia and Germany) and who have lived and worked abroad and they are practitioners. Among them are expats who work for foreign companies in Indonesia.

Int’l Professional Certification

SMC collaborate with ISM-Indonesia, an Indonesian Professional Organization that affiliates with ISM (Institute for Supply Management)®, the first, prestigious and largest non-profit professional supply management organization worldwide. Founded in 1915 in USA, ISM has over 50,000 members located in over 90 countries.
Due to SMC’s exclusive institutional association with ISM, SMC graduates particularly with majors in Purchasing & Supply Management are eligible to attend a globally recognized professional certification Program (CPSM: Certified Professional Supply Management Program).

Business Simulation Centre (BSC)

The students, at SMC will gain experience at our Business Simulation Centre;it is a program, where the students can explore their talent and passion by exercising their knowledge in doing the real job, mentoring by our faculty members who have ample experience from the related industry. The program aims to prepare the studentsbefore they engage with their professional careers.


English is a global language. Only those who able to communicate and correspond in English can increase their competitiveness in global or regional job opportunity. Bilingual Programs specially to enhance the skills of the student community and prepared them for global competence.
Bilingual is mandatory from the start of the 5th Semester of our respective programs, enabling all aspiring students to practice and improve their English Language skills and prepared them to enter in the global job market.


SMC provides extensive internship programs in partnership with renowned companies to all students, preparing them for the future challenges in the professional world and gives them a platform to exercise their knowledge.
From Workforce Development & Continuing Education to internship programs and career development classes, SMC offers many pathways to build your experience and enhance your career.


SMC’s Research, scholarship, and creative endeavors exist primarily to meet the needs of various College programs with the help of sponsorships by leading businesses and industries, and other organizations and to promote student and faculty development and instructional improvement.
SMC also created performance-based scholarship programs tailored to be the specific needs of their students, by targeting the incentive and academic benchmarks.