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Vision, Mission & Value


Being the leading Education Institution, commit to provide equal opportunities to the society for improving lives and became better citizens.


  1. To conduct formal and vocational education program
  2. To facilitate character building and empowering talented youth


“Serve with Sincerity and Integrity”

Sincerity Sincerely serve by effective and inspiring learning environment and methodology.

Accountability Prioritize responsibility mainly in building 05 basic characters i.e. Diligence, Obedience, Loyalty, Integrity and Solidarity.

Integrity Prioritize similarities words and deeds, especially in the aspect of honesty, morality, and ethics.

Nurture Encourage, motivate and inspire all stakeholders to serve with sincerity, responsibility, reliability, and always prioritize society, nation and state’s interest.

Trust Trustworthy and reliable both in governance and the quality of graduates.