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Chairman Messages

Saint Mary's College - The Director's Picture

Chairman’s Name

Welcome to the SMC.

Greeting to our friends and alumni. It is my great pleasure to serve as the Chairman of Saint Mary International Foundation. Saint Marywill continues to play an important role in educating students for careers in their relevant field of studies. Our graduates hold leading positions not only in Nationaland International Companies but also at Government Institution.

Continuously we will develop an effective learning method, and evaluate the curriculum of all existing Study Program as well as their relevance to the needs of our stakeholders. Our emphasis is not only on the quality of education, but on development of necessary skills as well as our integration of entrepreneurship into the curriculum.

SMC collaborates with National and International Professional Organizations and has Mentors who are always ready to assist our alumni. Our Faculty and Lecturers, in collaboration with Professional Organizations and Professional Practitioners, will manage various relevant programs in the form of tutorials, workshops, seminars, etc.; improving the professional career of our alumni.

In addition to the extensive course offerings, our students enjoy social, academic, and professional development activities through student organizations (BEM), International Organization (Lions Club), ISM, study Exchange programs and internships.

Our strategic location in central Jakarta which is accessible from all over the city,05 minutes from Trans Jakarta Harmoni Bus Stop provides an excellent opportunity to all aspiring students to study in our various programs as per their flexible schedules.

I encourage you to visit us in person or email to (email address…), to discover the new developments and take advantage of the opportunities available at the SMC.

Erijanto Djajasudarma, MBA.