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History of the College

SMC has a very rich tradition of imparting education. Spanning over 03 Decades when (Late) Mr. Louis Nikijuluw, MBA on 11 February 1985 transformed his vision into a reality with a noble aspiration to provide younger
generation an expertise towards a fast track entry into their professional endeavors.

Yayasan LPK Saint Mary International, who now manages the SMC, under the able leadership of Mr. M. Hanafi as an Elder Member and Mr. Erijanto Djajasudarma MBA, as a Chairman; continue to develop the same dedication
and competency based educational programs according to the demands of society, especially for the empowerment of younger generation, and continue to meet the needs of business and industry, venturing devotion by organizing Secretarial and Office administration and English Language programs, followed by Diploma Program (D-3), as well as undergraduate programs (S-1) in various specialized subjects.

SMC strength lies in its core values, which are based on 05 (five) Characters: Diligence, Obedience, Loyalty, Integrity and Solidarity. These Characters are the basis of SMC graduates Professionalism and the key success factors of more than 50,000 alumni of SMC. Nearly 90% of the successful professionals worked in various industries. The rest worked for Government and went on to become entrepreneurs.

Due to increase in global and regional competitiveness, SMC continues to respond to the global changes positively. From this perspective, especially welcome the presence of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), in
December 31 st , 2015; SMC in total secures reinstatement.

Considering the modern day challenges, SMC Board felt the need to refresh the organization by bringing professionals and Industry players in the leadership of the foundation. It is not separated from the responsibility to the
younger generation, that should be educated professionals also face an increasingly competitive job market. The new leadership launched a special program to make SMC as one of “The Most Excellent College” in Indonesia.

At SMC, we are aspired to empower our students to see a vision of how the world could be and to provide them with the tools to effect the change they envision.