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SMC students constantly challenge themselves, whether its academics or things lighter. Simply, they know how to have fun. From long-standing traditions to spontaneous moments of celebration, this is a campus that makes it easy to embrace the extracurricular adventures, friendships, and experiences that make for a truly memorable college experience.

  1. Secretary & Personal Assistant Lab

    SMC is pioneering in Secretarial & PA program. We provide our students with hands on experiences gained through our “Business Simulation Centre”. This program is fully supported by a complete set of Computer Lab and Comfortable Practice Room.
    SMC Secretarial & PA programs are technology focused and emphasizeson various skills, including speedwriting and dictation. Many training programs also include classes to develop the following basic skills:

    • Correspondence
    • Filing and record keeping
    • Proofreading and editing
    • Conference and meeting planning
    • Travel arrangements
    • Software & App
    • Soft skill
  2. Hospitality Lab.

    SMC Hospitality Lab is well equipped with a complete set of Hot Kitchen, Pastry, Restaurant and Model Room for itsCulinary & Hotel Business Management Program.
    These facilities provide all aspiring students an excellent platform to exercise their skills at Five Stars Hotel level. In Addition to above, SMC Business Simulation Centre supports all aspiring students to explore their professional career and make them ready for their professional career jobs even before they graduate.

    2.1.Pastry (Baking Facilities).

    SMC also have an industry standard pastry baking facility equipped with top class baking equipment, which provide practical learning to all participating students. Student learned all baking techniques and gains competence that meet modern baking industry requirement.

    –List of hot Kitchen Equipment—- & Picture

    2.2. Restaurant & Bar

    SMC owned an on Campus “Restaurant & Bar” that meets 05 stars hotel standards, which provides an excellent opportunity to all the participating students to exercise their learning skills as they are working on their real professional job.

    • Saint Mary's College - Facilities
    • Saint Mary's College - Facilities

    2.3. Model Room

    SMC provides participating students with 05 stars standard “Model room” to practice and demonstrate about the services as real as at the 5 stars hotel. This will help students familiar with hotel management operations and its day-to-day services and provide them easy adaptation to their professional work place before they join internship program.

  3. Business Simulation Center (BSC)

    SMC aims to provide all aspiring students with skills and competence not only just a degree and certificate. SMC facilitate them with BSC, a Business Simulation Centre, which is designed based on a real working environment.
    At SMC, It is mandatory for all Students to join Business Simulation Program where they can learn and implement best practices according to their individual learning and develop their skills and competence. Designed solely as a real working environment, Business Simulation Program can strengthen the graduates’ level of competency and capability. It emphasized not only just hard skills but also soft skills, which is highly demanded by the industry and business institution.
    Business Simulation Programare facilitated by our faculty members and guest lecturer, who accumulated more than 100 years of experiences as professionals, from various reputable Industry and business organizations.

  4. Library

    SMC’s Library supports the College Mission by providing access to relevant books and collections and services for our aspiring students

    The following services provided by the SMC to the students:

    • Advancing teaching and learning.
    • Nurturing academic excellence.
    • Cultivating creative spaces for research, study.
    • Collaboration and discovery.

At SMC, we are committed to exploring new approaches in the design, delivery and integration of services that support rapidly changing academic and information environments. We hope you find our services easy to use, flexible, and timely.

Feel free to visit side to learn more about how you can make the most of SMC Library’s services, resources, and spaces by contacting our dedicated library staff.